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Spanish Residents have declared in total 140,990 Million Euros from 2013 on the Overseas Asset Declaration which started in that year.

The Director of the Spanish Tax Office (AEAT), Santiago Menendez, has declared that in 2016, more than 13,755 Million have been declared for the first time by 26,936 residents and more than 225,000 have done it in the last 4 years.

Santiago Menendez has said that the Tax Office has made more than 8,800 investigations on these people and they had to pay more than 1,100 Million Euros to the Public Treasury which were never paid before.

He also said that more than 7,000 residents who were suspect to have the obligation for doing the Form 720 but never done it, more than 1,000 have been investigated already and 436 have been fined for not doing it.

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