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Conveyancing & Solicitor Services in Costa Blanca

Working with you «in» and «from» Spain

Tax and Consultancy Services for Expats (Tacs4Expats) offers Tax Advice and Property Conveyancing Services to both, individuals and the self-employed whether you are Tax Resident in Spain or not, with the emphasis on customer service and the interest of our clients. We have developed our services to be able to help you on 3 different stages:

1) Since you decide you want to come to live in Spain, for example obtainning your NIE numbers, opening your bank accounts, buying a property on your behalf, Property Conveyancing, Pre-Tax Calculations, etc…

2) While you live in Spain, preparing and filing all your tax returns, setting up your business in Spain, obtainning your Residency Cards, TIE’s or VISA’s, Registering on the Padron at the Town Hall, Social Security, obtainning certificates, Driving Licenses, doing your wills, investing on real estate, buying and selling properties, etc…

3) If you ever decide to move back to your country or your family needs assistance in Spain to change your assets into their name, we will represent you selling your property, closing bank accounts, doing the necessary communications to the Tax Office or completing the Probate for your inheritors. 

Some of Our Services

Tax Advice

Our main intention is finding out what your real situation is so we can explain what needs to be done and why.

We can help you as a Tax Resident or Not Tax Resident filing all your possible tax obligations in Spain. 

Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Gift and Inheritance Tax, Transfer Tax (when buying a property), VAT or IVA, Corporate Tax, etc…  

We can deal with all of them, help you understand it and making recommendations to reduce them. 


Property Conveyancing

Whether you are buying a house to live in or to invest on real estate, or if you are selling your property, it is essential to have an expert on your side working for you. 

Our team, guided by Manuel Pérez Manresa, would help you in the whole process to buy a property or sell it. 

For normal people, buying or selling a house is one of the biggest investments you do in life so do not leave it to luck or non registered representatives. 


Tax Planning

You may think it is need only by very rich people but this is not.

We have seen cases where a small detail makes a difference of tens of thousands of Euros. We can revise your situation and make some recommendations to reduce your tax.

Passing your assets to your children on steps, setting values at the time to buy or inherit, making a calendar of gifts, distributing the assets correctly when someone has passed away are examples which can make you save tax in future.  

Accountancy for business

We help clients setting up a business, as self employed, as partnership or as limited companies. 

It is important helping you understand all the different obligations with the tax office, the Social Security, your Employees, etc.

It does not matter if it is smaller or bigger, we can so it for you.

We can do all the monthly communications to the Social Security if you have employees, Quarterly Returns, Annual Resumes, helping with the rental agreements, obtention of opening licenses, etc. 

Electronic Notifications

Public Administrations in Spain are using more and more often this new way to communicate to everyone. For Limited Companies and Businesses it is Obligatory.

There are more than 140 electronic mailboxes and this number increases frecuently.

We can handle all your notifications issued electronically in Spain at local, provincial, regional and national levels to make sure any of them is missed because the letter has not arrived to you or the advice from «Correos» was not on your «buzón».

Tax Returns

Preparing and filing tax returns on certain situations is an obligation even when the income is low.

In some other cases, showing a return submitted is an evidence of the stay which can help to determine your residency.

In case of a Non Tax Resident, if you have a holiday property in Spain, it is obligatory to complete a tax return if you have rental income from it or not. 

We can help on all the different situations preparing and filing your tax returns with the Tax Office.

Since 2013, the number of clients who continue using our services has always increased compared to the year before with a record in 2022 when we had a 24% growth compared to 2021.

We are a team of young professionals with over 10 years of experience working mainly with clients from other countries who have interests or links in Spain.

Different departments help our clients with the most basic things like obtainning an NIE, a Digital Signature, getting registered on the Padron, etc… to the most complicated and technical ones from the Tax and the Legal point of view trying to make things on the easiest possible way for you.  



Is my Civil Service Pension taxable in Spain?

We have recently seen some clients with the following question: Is my Civil Service Pension taxable in Spain? Since we started working for Expats, we have seen many of them receiving “Old Age Pensions” or a “State Pension” and “Civil Service Pension”. Some of them do...

Presentation of the Company

Tax and Consultancy Services for Expats offers advice to both, individuals and the self-employed, with the emphasis on customer service. In considering your tax position, it’s our goal to take the strain on your behalf, and to make sure that you fully understand both...

Form 720 and Overseas Asset Declaration

The Modelo 720, also called “Form 720″ or “Overseas Asset Declaration”, was introduced in November 2012 creating the obligation of submitting the return for the first time in 2013. It is intended for all fiscal residents of Spain to report details of assets held...


Our principal target is the interest of our clients always.

With the increasing demand of Conveyancing Services, we offer a full service if you are selling your property or planning to buy a new one. Even, if you are coming to Spain for the first time, we would help you obtaining your NIE number, Tax Identification Number, opening a bank account, register you and your family on the Town Hall, Tax Office and Social Security and, finally, making the necessary contracts for the utility bills as water, electricity or telephone.

Our team of professionals, including Architects, Engineers and a Solicitor, Manuel Perez Manresa, is able to deal with any property on the market to make :

  • If you are buying a property, we will check the property you are interested in to make sure you know what you are buying and avoid unpleasant surprises in the future as it has happened in the past and making the necessary changes phisically on the property or legally on the deeds before you buy it.
  • If you are selling your property, we will provide your Real State Agents and the buyer’s legal representative with the legal information needed, obtain the Energy Performance Certificate, produce the antiquity certificates for any Extension made on the property before the legal date and, resuming, facilitate the sale of your property with legal documents making it more attractive than others on the market.

We are here to make your life easier so you only have to worry about how to spend your time in Spain



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Phone: 965 70 55 02 (You can also whatsapp us on this number!)

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